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How To Get Started?

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Build the MVP

Develop a product that can be tested against a small target market of early adopters.

File a Provisional

Once the product is publicly available, you have one year to file a patent application under U.S. Patent Law. (35 U.S.C. §102)

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Get Funding

Write a pitch that shows your business will change the world in a fundamental way.

How Can We Help?

To start, you can find articles on different aspects of entrepreneurship on the Blog page. Second, we provide SDKs and Paid Tutorials geared towards entrepreneurs on the Products page. Finally, if you need patent help, my services are available on the Services page.


Once Daniel identifies a problem, he doesn't let it go until it's been resolved. This applies to everything from a software bug to a door that sticks. I've seen his work year after year, and no matter what his focus has been, the end result has always been exceptional.
Erin Nishimura
Daniel offers hard work and dedication to any project he works on. His background in law and engineering uniquely situates him to offer creative and innovative solutions. He was willing to rebuild and complete different iterations of pages to meet changing demands.
Lauren Miller

So what do you say....

Let's launch your moonshot idea!​

Have you ever started a project with lots of passion and then slowly lost interest? Don't let your project get lost in space! We are building a community that gives more than just advice --- we keep you motivated.

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